Seattle Professional Photographers Association is an Affiliate of Professional Photographers of America. SPPA has been meeting monthly since 1945. Our primary goal is to educate photographers to better serve their customers while maintaining excellence in their creative endeavors.

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Happy Spring
Capture Cinematic Weddings, with Ray Roman


SPPA Mission Statement: “Our goal: To provide information with respect to creativity and lasting value of professional photography. We are committed to excellence through continuing education."

Lights…….Camera…….SPPA membership provides the Action!

Lights…….Camera…….SPPA membership provides the Action Or A mid-year resolution for making video content for your website using video testimonials. We learned so much about social media at our meeting I don't know where to start. Blogging, … [Read More...]

Experience the Light, Tuesday May 12

FIVE lights! Key light, fill light, hair light, back light, background light. 5 reasons to use a 5-point lighting setup for portraits. Tonal control. Light shaping control. Background control. … [Read More...]