Experience the Light, Tuesday May 12

FIVE lights!
Key light, fill light, hair light, back light, background light.
5 reasons to use a 5-point lighting setup for portraits.
Tonal control. Light shaping control. Background control. [Read more…]

Annual Picnic Photos

Everyone had a great time, delicious food, Corinne and Stevn Alavekios were amazing, and thanks to Barbara Roser there were wonderful models to work with. And another big thank you to Barbara for hosting this years picnic. Your place is amazing!

The meats for the picnic were prepared by Dave at Carolina Smoke BBQ in Bothell.  Thanks to Dave who really went out of his way to provide the best ribs, brisket, pulled pork, and wings. There wasn’t much left…which shows just how good Dave’s food is. Victoria Lapp provided the sides, including her special recipe Mac & Cheese, which also disappeared quickly.

It was great having Corinne & Stevn talk about their photography, and they both were more then willing to answer many questions. Then, we got to see them in action photographing the models in the many spectacular areas Barbara has created in her yard, which you’ll see in the photo gallery below.

Now, here are some of the photos taken by Andrew Crain and Gail Ann Wodzin.

Annual Summer Picnic – July 10th!

Reminder – the SPPA Annual Summer Picnic is almost here!

Date/TimeTuesday – July 10th, 4:00pm

Guest speakers will be Corinne and Stevn Alavekios of Photographic Essays. Award winning photographer and fine art print maker Corinne Alavekios, is internationally renowned and best known for her passion and determination in this field.  Stevn Alavekios has photographed clients worldwide.  His work is unsurpassed in its freedom and creativity.

Place:  Eastside – address will be provided to those who RSVP

Menu:  Smoked Ham, Smoked Turkey, Beef Brisket, plus non-meat options with sides, sodas, and desserts!

Price:  Free to all SPPA members!   But, an RSVP is required by June 30th to attend for free.   Any RSVP’s that come in after June 30th will need to pay $25.00.
Non-SPPA members:  $25.00    

RSVP to victoria@whitehawkphotography.com  
Payments can be made via PayPal by sending payment to info@seattleppa.com

Come join us for great B-B-Q, drinks, fun, networking, and creativity.  Don’t forget to bring your cameras!

Tara Clark to speak at June 5th SPPA meeting

The image above is one of Tara Clark’s published images from her travels to the Sudan. In February of 2010 Tara was getting very antsy with her work. She loved her clients but she felt she needed a new challenge.   She longed to go back to Africa -where she had served in the Peace Corps – years earlier.  Amazingly, the opportunity to travel to the Sudan with a group of doctors presented itself.   She will be sharing images and experiences from her amazing journey and helping us to learn how we can find our own photography projects.    For more information about Tara Clark and her experiences – check out her blog .   Please join us on Tuesday, June 5th at 7:00 pm  to hear about Tara’s amazing experiences and the stories behind her beautiful images.




Pricing-Process-Profit Workshop

SPPA is proud to team up with our friends at SmugMug once again to bring you quality information on how to grow your Photography Business.

Jared Bauman, a talented wedding photographer and excellent speaker who spoke to the Seattle SMUG earlier this year, has put together an evening workshop targeted for 20-22 cities across the country with an attendance target of 100 to 150 people per event.  The workshop is titled “Pricing, Process, and Profits for the Wedding Pro”.

This workshop will be entirely FREE for local photographers, and will be comprised of 3 speakers.  Jared will be one of them, Leeann Marie the second, and they are pulling in a 3rd speaker that’s local (I don’t have the name yet for Seattle). Jared is adamant that the workshop be FREE for all photographers. He wants every photographer to be able to come hear this education, and does not want price to be a barrier.

Here’s a direct link to the Seattle workshop: http://priceprocessprofit.com/#/seattle/

There will be limited seating and you must RSVP to attend.  Here’s a direct link to RSVP for Seattle: http://www.fisheyeconnect.com/workshop/1035/pricing-process-and-profit-workshop-in-seattle-wa.aspx

Pricing-Process-Profit, for Wedding Photographers

Summer Senior Shootout – Members Favorite Images

Here are a some of our members favorite images – taken during the Senior Shootout at our Annual Summer Picnic.  The hosts, Steve & Ann, provided the models and the props, including a ’57 Chevy and a motorcycle.

First, a few shots of the venue and the members listening to Steve’s instructions during the photo shoot.


Members Favorite Images

Monthly Print Competition Winners – July 2011

Monthly Print Competition Award Winning Images for July


Monthly Print Competition Winners – July 2010

Monthly Print Competition Winners – May 2010

Monthly Print Competition Winners – March 2010