Celebrate the new year with SPPA

Ring in 2016 as we announce our 2015 Photographer of the Year while we ramble thru Elena’s new studio, share some tasty treats, and best each other with our white elephant gift exchange! You must RSVP to get directions. barbararoser@msn.com

Lighting for Glamour

Show us the Glam!

“LIGHTMAN TO THE STARS” – John Cornicello will be teaching us the skills he uses to light and pose his beauty images inside his successful studio and to light the models as seen on Creative Live. John is so talented that he is repeatedly requested to work with the most popular beauty shooters  – the STARS – featured on Creative Live training classes and videos.

Next SPPA Meeting – Tuesday, November 10
Polish Home, 1714 18th Ave, Seattle, WA 98122
6PM Social Hour and Print Check-in
7:000PM Program Begins

John will create a studio lighting set up and show us how he works to provide the most flattering and creative images for his clients. (More on John at http://cornicello.com)

Don’t miss this exciting program brought to you by Seattle Professional Photographers Association. Free to SPPA members. $10 for all others. Pay at the door or send money via Paypal to info@seattleppa.com.

Exploring online brochures

It’s the beginning of the fall season and the “make it or break it” for year end. 

We have spent most of this year identifying and using online tools to reach more customers.
Now we have reached them, let’s convince them to hire us!

You have heard of Marketing Magazines or “online brochures”, now it’s time to build one for each of your product lines starting with the best line for your fall business.  For many of us, that’s families and children, for others boudoir and glam.  Whatever it is, get going.  Don’t know where to begin?

Begin Here with SPPA

Tuesday, September 8 at 7:00 (social at 6:30 and competition entries)

El Dorado West, Burien, 1010 SW 134th St, Burien, WA 98146

Let’s share ideas and brochures for Online magazines; talking sessions, style, pricing, things to know all before that important consultation (or instead of).  Let’s talk about what to say, how to say it, what to leave out and where to buy templates. It is online marketing at its best! 

BUT wait; there’s more. 

INSURANCE – not so boring if your house burns down……

Within the last few years, we have had a member’s studio burn down, a member’s retail studio get robbed and a member’s car broken into and robbed during a wedding.  Holy SMOKES.  Can you say Insurance?  Before we begin on Marketing we are going to go over the PPA insurance as well as have an agent who handled one of these disasters speak to us briefly about what we need and how to make sure you get it.  DON’T SAY “I’LL CHECK IT OUT LATER” as LATER MAY BE TOO LATE.

And More!  Competition, companionship and cookies.


Join us Tuesday, September , 2015 at 6:30 PM
El Dorado West, Burien, 
1010 SW 134th St, Burien, WA 98146
Plenty of FREE parking!
Meeting is free to SPPA paid members | $5 non-members

Meet us on Alki


Why should your clients settle, when you can provide them with an image like this?! (insert picture)

Andrew Crain will bring skills to the beach at Alki on Tuesday, August 11, to show how to create night lights for client portraits.

Meet at Salty’s at 6:00 for appetizers and drinks (BuyYOB) and competition (yes we will have our monthly competition in the bar at Salty’s so bring your prints). And then we will hit the beach while Andrew demo’s his technique.

August 11, SPPA monthly meeting 6:00 – 9:00 Salty’s Alki

SPPA members free | Guests $5

SPPA Picnic

Annual SPPA Picnic
Tuesday, July 14th ~ 4pm until 9pm in Sammamish, just off of I-90

What could be better than ribs, brats and rock ‘n roll?

Eat, drink and enjoy some summertime fun to live rock ‘n roll!
Join us for a white elephant auction and a video showing the results of the previous month’s Working with Video Class.
Once the band is up and ready, as a group we will create a video and stills of the band in action.
Bring your cameras or just sit back and relax! It’s a great opportunity watch, practice and learn!

$10 SPPA members / $5 for their family members
$20 non-members
Upon RSVP/Payment directions will be sent.

To RSVP email gail at info@seattleppa.com

Lights…….Camera…….SPPA membership provides the Action!

Lights…….Camera…….SPPA membership provides the Action

Or A mid-year resolution for making video content for your website using video testimonials.

We learned so much about social media at our meeting I don’t know where to start. Blogging, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, making a system for my studio emails and phone calls. My hair is going grey just stressing about what to do. After having a beer or was it six, I decided to start blogging. You know the more beer I drank the better the blog was ….. Until my wife started editing; so rule #1 no drinking when writing (just so you know I already had two beers while writing this :).  So anyway. One of the things I learned at Bruce Hudson’s presentation on video content creation was his focus on “what to sell our existing clients”.  This really resonated with me because I always try to shoot for a product to sell my clients, wall portraits, albums, gift prints,etc. His number one product he sells was the testimonial video to his commercial clients. He said it was a no brainer, an easy sell and everyone should have one on their website.

So, it’s SPPA membership time for a mid-year resolution – add video to your website! SPPA is no different. We need your help. The SPPA board will provide the wine (don’t worry it will be cheap) and cheese pizza (if we have the budget). You are going to learn to talk to the camera (harder than you think) about how SPPA rocks. SPPA will use this for its website. And you will be using a camera shooting some other member talking. If you wish bring your own camera and shoot some behind the scenes images and video (B-roll) (another idea we learned from Josh Hudson). We will have a “Photographic” background i.e. soft boxes, and tripods courtesy of Andrew Crain. Ann Hilling is bringing a killer chair. We will have some constant light sources and a couple of sound capturing devises to play with. Then you will sit and say a line or two about how cool SPPA is. If you don’t know why we are cool then just sit there and eat your pizza. That will make for some fun B-roll. Or come up with your own idea. Maybe a peak-a-boo with you behind a camera saying hi? Sorry I need more beer (wine for you snobs) to be more creative. This will be a fun event to try your hand at creating a video interview. Play with some microphones both wireless and on camera.

SPPA social media recap from Chapters Photography on Vimeo.

Tuesday June 9th, Polish Home, 1714 18th Ave. Seattle (Madison & 18th)
Meeting is free to SPPA members | $5 guests (gotta pay for the pizza, ya know!)

That’s a wrap. See you in a couple of weeks at the Polish Home. Parking is free.

Experience the Light, Tuesday May 12

FIVE lights!
Key light, fill light, hair light, back light, background light.
5 reasons to use a 5-point lighting setup for portraits.
Tonal control. Light shaping control. Background control. [Read more…]

SPPA presents tips on using Capture One

Our next meeting  is Tuesday, April 14th
Welcome to your new home! We are back at the Polish Home at 18th & Madison!


6:00 – 6:30  Register Competition Entries / Social
6:30  Pro-2-Pro  discussion will focus on successes from last month’s training on Blogging and your ideas for Spring, Mother’s Day, and Children’s Portrait Marketing.
7:00 Announcements and new member introductions
7:15  Speaker Joe Towner on Capture One – Shooting Tethered
In this demonstration you’ll see how working tethered allows for absolute confirmation of the shot, plus allows others to see the work product when shooting with multiple clients on-set. CaptureOne Pro, and for remote viewing, CapturePilot.

1714 18th Ave, Seattle 98122

PLENTY of free parking in their lot!
Meeting in upstairs ballroom!

See you there!

March Meeting, with Sean McVeigh of 425 Media

Our next meeting is on March 10th at 7:00pm

Create compelling content! Inspire potential clients! Gain the favor of the all mighty search engines!

 …. and make your phone RING!

Critical Content Creation for Photographers

sean blog image

The goal of this SPPA Sponsored workshop is to provide a tangible, immediate piece of  customized content that you will be able to use in your current marketing efforts and the ability to repeat that process over and over again.

Anyone can create content, but to be successful, you must create content that compels users to purchase your art and services. The class will provide strategies to help you   create effective online content. We will focus on the most important weapon in your marketing arsenal, your blog. Why is blogging important? Simply put, because consistently published, well-written content will help define you as a subject matter expert (SME).  The end goal of participating in this class is to arm you with a habit  to create, tune and publish content regularly.


•                10 minutes of introductions, basic instruction and topic creation

•                15 minutes of personal writing

•                 Sean will take what you wrote and provide

◦                                  Technical insights

◦                                  Search engine suggestions

◦                                  Long term content creation strategies

Class Requirements

•                Laptop

•                Word Processor (Microsoft Word, Google Docs)

•                Platform to publish to

◦                                  Website (preferred)

◦                                  Facebook

◦                                  Google Plus

◦                                  Or any other customer defined platform

•                An idea or topic to write about (if you can)


Join us Tuesday, March 10, 2015 at 7:00 PM
The Village Bean – Located in Country Village
720 238th St, SE #A, Bothell, WA 98021

SPPA Members, Free
Non-members, $20
Students, PPW, PCPPA $5


About Sean

Sean McVeigh, the founder of 425 Media has helped authors and businesses create meaningful, marketable, compelling content that can be used to reinforce the fact that they are the — experts in their fields. Creating content needs to be thought of strategically, 425 Media understands this need and more importantly, understands how technology can be leveraged to achieve the desired result.


January 2015 “What’s it take to keep SPPA alive?”

This will be a historic meeting for SPPA as we answer the question “What’s it take to keep SPPA alive?”
Tuesday, January 27th at 7:00pm
Coffee Bean in Bothell’s Country Village Shops
720 238th Street Southeast, Bothell, WA 98021

Members along with our photographic community at large are encouraged to attend this meeting. The SPPA and its affiliation with PPA National has been an important voice for professional photographers for over 60 years.  In the past we have provided training in skills development, marketing and business management for our area’s part-time and full-time photographers.

For the future, with fast paced changes all around us, the board knows SPPA needs to change too.
In early 2014, the board had several meetings to address this issue.  In an effort to stimulate growth and be more responsive to members, we lowered the fees and restyled the meetings into PIE meetings (photographers’ informal evening) for open conversation, and Workshop programs with skilled speakers and hands on training. We added Meetup as a source for participants and actively sought out ways to reach professionals including sharing all information with PPW.  While the workshops were fun, creative and skill-builders, they were not well attended and drew in few new members.

We understand that with the advent of online skill development programs, the reduced pricing to national events and the overall cutbacks in studio budgets, SPPA as it currently exists may no longer be a realistic contender for professionals’ time and money.  To that end, a quorum of members needs to agree and vote on our future direction.  Members are encouraged to attend. Non-members are encouraged to attend and present new ideas.