March 2014 PIE Meeting

March 2014 PIE Meeting





Join us at Pegasus on Alki

Come on by for pizza (on us) and beer (you buy)
Members can pick up a copy of our 2013 Prestige Award magazine!
Network, nosh, share!

And if you haven’t already – Renew/Join Now!  Look at our changes….

• Meetings will be held quarterly!  We will now host 3-4 events a year with hands-on learning and shooting, plus print competitions. On the months between the quarterly meetings we will have PIE! Photographers Informal Evenings. These PIE meetings will be held at different locations throughout the greater Seattle area. You’ll be invited to attend from 7-9 at the announced location. The purpose of these smaller intimate gatherings will be brainstorming, mentoring and just plain fun.

• Road shows! We are bringing ‘em back. These small intimate settings allow us to share information with one another. Watch for Andrew Crain’s “Digital Body Sculpting”. Free for paid members.

• Print Competitions – SPPA Photographer of the Year and the SPPA Prestige Award
There will be 3 facets to the print competitions this year:
- NEW! Monthly online digital image competition.  Online voting with monthly winners. Our goal is to generate new followers and new members via Facebook, while having a fun, online image competition.
- Quarterly print competition – this leads to our Photographer of the Year Award!  There’s nothing like showing off your finished work in print!
- Annual Print Competition. Show your very best work and see how you score based on PPA standards, with a panel of trained judges.  This leads to the coveted SPPA Prestige Award

• Advertising – We have installed our 2014 B&E Wedding and Event Guides both of which are available now. These ads direct prospective clients to our website. Their website is

And best of all – we’ve lowered the dues!
Your annual dues are now $79.
Special rates for students, too! 
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2014 Meeting Schedule

Mark your calendars for our year of activity!
We’ll have “PIE”, participate in hands on events, annual picnic, holiday party.

SPPA 2014 Calendar of Events
● February 4 Quarterly Meeting with Brenda Huckle and Marv Heston

● March 4 PIE, Pegasus Pizza
Hosted by Rob Resing. Pizza on him. Purchase your own beverages. Watch for details, location.

● April 1 PIE
Hosted by Bruce and Josh Hudson. Watch for details, location.

● May 4 Quarterly  Watch for details, location.

● June 3 PIE Watch for details, location.

● July Picnic Iron Photographer Theme (Iron Chef) Watch for details, location.

● August 5 Quarterly Meeting, Watch for details, location.

● September 2 PIE, Watch for details, location.

● October 7 Annual Print Competition

● November 4 Quarterly Meeting

● December 2 End of Year Party

Adding video to your photographic repertoire

Join us for a presentation and round table discussion on the up and down side of adding video to your portrait, wedding and event work – Is it right for you?

Tuesday, February 4, 6-10pm, Polish Home, 1714 18th Ave, Seattle, WA 98122

Video Motion, Photo-Videography, Photo Fusion, whatever title you use, it  appears to be the “IT” Product Wave these days.  But how do you start? And should you? And if you do, how do you price it? Sell it?  These are some of the topics that our two presenters and round table leads, Brenda Huckle and Marv Heston, will discuss with us.

Brenda Huckle, a fine art portrait designer and owner of Genuine Portrait Design located in  Snoqualmie,  will discuss what segments of her business she targeted for adding video, and her work toward adding the service while learning the techniques.  How she chose to start, stop and restart!  To learn more about Brenda, check out the link to Brenda’s own video on YouTube:  and the Link to Brenda’s website.

Marv Heston, our award winning wedding and portrait artist has integrated video to his wedding services and commercial work.  He will show us his latest video and talk a bit about what he would suggest would be the minimum equipment requirements and skill set.  Marv will be the subject of an upcoming SPPA website feature as winner of the Highest score in SPPA’s annual competition as well as division and category winner in weddings.  For more information on Marv, check out

And don’t forget print competition! Check-in ends at 6:30pm. For more information about our monthly print competition, see the Monthly Print Competition Rules. Remember, to be in the running to win the Photographer of the Year award, you need to enter your prints in the monthly competitions and at least one print in the SPPA Annual print Competition.

6:00 Social Hour
· Monthly Competition Prints accepted until 7:00 (please see SPPA monthly competition rules  at
7:00 Board Announcements
7:30  Presentations and Round Table Discussion
· Voting for February Art Entries during break  (You can’t win if you don’t enter!)

2013 December Meeting

December Meeting
12/3 – 5:00pm

Country Village in Bothell! Follow the Santa signs.

In December we will have an excellent Christmas meeting with Santa’s Workshop and lots of lovely children to photograph while visiting with Santa in his work shop.

Not your “ordinary” Santa shoot.  Come learn how to take your holiday set to a new and more profitable level!

This is our last monthly print competition for 2013!  Be sure to get your prints ready!  The Photographer of the Year will be announced in January!


***Revised Location:  Country Village in Bothell. Contact Barbara Roser for details.
425-442-5969 or email:

Print competition check-in ends at 6:30pm. For more information about our monthly print competition, see the Monthly Print Competition Rules.

Dec 3 2013 - Santa Workshop




and maybe you will,  but first ask yourself “what will I lose by waiting?”  “What’s the big deal?”

For the answer to that, we went to our 2013 grand winner, MARV HESTON, and asked a few simple questions.
Give Marv’s answers a read, you will, as I did, find within them an “aha” moment.

How helpful are the judges’ comments to your work at SPPA competition? Does this competition help in creating your work for the next competition or for refining your art?

A.      Comments from the judges help me to see images without parent eyes.

You know how parents are, they always think that their kids are perfect, even when that child has just been arrested for driving 125 mph the wrong way on the freeway after leaving the scene of a bank robbery, with a still warm pistol in his lap… and the mother always says “He’s a good boy”.

Well the same is true for photographer’s and their children, we take a good picture and we think it’s perfect, or at least as perfect as we could do with the circumstances the client/day gave us.  Well hearing judges’ comments helps me see my images for what they really are and that helps me see where my images can be improved.  Improved for competition and improved for my clients.  Most of want to make the most wonderful images we can for clients and being able to see our images objectively helps us do that.

The other thing judges’ comments help me with is shooting better images to start with.  A judge might say something like “I think this image could have been improved if the maker shot it from a lower angle”, so next time I’m shoot a “great” image I think could this be improved it I shot it from a different angle and this has made a significant difference in how I shoot.

Taking the highest marks for your work, does this help with your Marketing?  Discussion with Brides?  Displaying awards?  Etc.,
A.      Funny you should ask, I had a wedding in August where I learn at the Premiere of the couples images that they had hired me because I had won awards.  I’m proud of my work and I do display my awards for clients to see, but the awards are a secondary to the images that won the awards.  What I mean by that is, if an image wins an award or merits, it’s a good image by professional standards, if it’s a good image – my clients will see it as a GREAT image and clients are hiring me for my ability to produce great images.  What the awards do is confirm for the client that their opinion is shared by my professional photography piers and that reinforcement helps them know that I am as good as they think I am.  Wow that sounds arrogant, but you do have to sell yourself to clients and an award or two does really help.

Pricing is the cost worth the value?
A.      ABSOLUTELY!  First and foremost I’m proud of the images I can create because of having entered competition.  I’ve learned to see my photo-children objectively, which helps me create better images for my clients, and creating really great images for clients helps me sell more.  My typical wedding client starts by booking me to create a 20 page album for their wedding – and I do create a beautiful 20 page album, but then I go on to create a larger album that includes great images from their wedding with a little “competition polish” on those images.  The result is, that on average my wedding clients spend an additional $400-$600 adding more pages to their albums.  Why?   Because I create pages with great “competition polished” images that they “just have to have” in their albums.

So I get “paid” back in several ways from entering competition.

  1. I get the pride of creating great images – and this boost my confidence to handle any client that comes my way and that comes across to the client
  2. My potential clients see not one or two but hundreds of “competition” images that Wow them and that leads to them to choose me for their event
  3. Clients see the awards I’ve been given at competition and it confirms for them that I am a good photographer and that helps them have confidence in booking me
  4. I sell more product because I can make “must have” images that the client simply cannot leave at my studio

I estimate that print competition generates $3,000 to $4,000 in Plus business for me annually.  Now it has taken a while for me to get to that point,    but I entered my first competition 6 years ago, so it doesn’t take that long in the bigger picture (pun intended).

Enter SPPA Annual Competition and get more out of it than you will ever put in!
For Rules of Entry – digital or print – go to:


2013 Annual Print Competition



Here is your best opportunity to begin preparing for PPA and PPW conventions by having your prints judged NOW at the Seattle affiliate – SPPA – annual competition. In addition to being scored, each image submitted for competition will receive detailed comments on the print’s merits and areas for improvement by our panel of PPA trained print judges. This is an opportunity that you can’t get at the state or national level of judging.

To prepare for competition, please go to and learn about the 12 elements of judging, image categories and cost of submissions.

All Professional Photographers are invited to participate in this event. PPW current members are invited to participate at the SPPA member rate. What a deal!

Begin selecting up to FOUR of your best of the best images now and DON’T FORGET TO to pass the word on to your associates. This is an awesome learning event so mark your calendar for November 5th.

Location and submission forms can be found at:

2013 September Meeting

To help prepare for the Annual Print Competition in October, we are happy to present a special meeting for September – Two presenters that will show how to create a work of art ready for Print Competition!

September 3rd 6:00pm – 10pm. 

At the Polish Home, 1714 18th Avenue, Seattle, WA

Our first presenter is Marie Martineau, Photographic Craftsman She will talk about the Fundamentals of Print Competiton, including the 12 elements of design, placement, presentation, the importance of titles, and how first impression can affect the final score.  Click here to view Marie’s bio and her extensive recognitions.

Our second presenter is Heather Michelle.  She will discuss creating hand painted digital masterpieces. Corel Painter Master, Training Partner, and PPA Master Artist Heather Michelle will explain a few simple brush tweaks that will give you great control over your painting and share how some of the new features can save you time in your painted process.  Click here to view Heather’s bio and find out more about her workshops and tutorials.

6:00 – 6:30pm   Monthly Print Competition check-in.  Snacks and networking.

6:30 – 7:30pm   Marie Martineau, Fundamentals of Print Competiton

7:30 – 7:45pm  Break – vote on monthly print competition entries

7:45 – 9:30pm  Heather Michelle, creating hand painted digital masterpieces

9:30 – 10:00pm Announce print competition winners,  Q&A

View the SPPA Monthly Print Competition rules here.

View the Annual Print Competition rules here.


Join us on Sep. 3rd to learn from the masters! 
Take your competition prints to the next level!

Seattle Professional Photographers Association is an Affiliate of Professional Photographers of America. SPPA has been meeting monthly since 1945. Our primary goal is to educate photographers to better serve their customers while maintaining excellence in their creative endeavors.
SPPA Mission Statement: “Our goal: To provide information with respect to creativity and lasting value of professional photography. We are committed to excellence through continuing education.”

2013 Summer Event with Rob Resing

Thank you Barbara (and your husband) for hosting this event! Your place is so beautiful and such an ideal spot for portraits and weddings!

A big thank you to Rob also! Your presentation of the ‘Lady of the Lake’ was fantastic, we all learned a ton, and had a lot of fun photographing the ladies! Great job!

What could be better on such a wonderful Seattle summer day – great location, beautiful models, super presentation from Rob, great food, a great group of friends and photographers to enjoy the day with…plus a few new members decided to join us! New members – welcome to the Seattle PPA!

Do we have to wait ’till next Summer to do this again?!

Here are a few shots of Rob working his magic, many cameras snapping away, everyone learning and having a great time, and photos of the beautiful models.


Annual Summer SPPA Picnic – August 6th

It’s the Local Event of the Summer!

SPPA presents “Lady of the Lake” with Rob Resing
Tuesday, August 6
3pm – 7pm


Rob Resing of Chapter’s Photography will teach us how to build our own
studio or backyard ‘pond’ and stylize a “Lady of the Lake” shoot.

Lady of the Lake, by Rob Resing - Chapters Photography

Lady of the Lake, by Rob Resing – Chapters Photography

Watch him work his magic for glam, boudoir, and seniors! Learn to shoot from the top of a ladder and pose women while they ‘float’! You’ll have the opportunity to shoot it yourself with our volunteer models…yippee!

But wait, there’s more! Great food, great company, great grounds. See how Barbara Roser Photography has transformed her home into a studio complete with gardens for shooting both portraits and weddings. Yes, weddings! Perfect for the small destination LGBTQ wedding!

Garden Wedding, by Barbara Roser Photography

Garden Wedding, by Barbara Roser Photography

We know you can get lots of information online for free. But you know what? There’s  nothing like working side by side with other photographers and shooting and learning at the same time! Plus you get a yummy summer dinner!

So what’s it gonna cost?
SPPA members are FREE!
WPPA/PPA affiliate members $25
Non-members $45

But wait, there’s more! For only $75 you get SPPA membership for the rest of 2013 AND the summer event!
You may also purchase 6 months of for only $75 (a $199 value)

The is one of the best deals of the summer.
A seminar/picnic that you actually get to participate in – it’s better than a video!

RSVP to by July 31st to reserve your spot alongside Rob
and one of our Ladies of the Lake!

You’ll get directions to Roser’s Studio located in Sammamish when you RSVP.
Don’t delay, email TODAY!

…great food, great company, great grounds.  See how Barbara Roser Photography has transformed their home into a studio complete with gardens for shooting both portraits and weddings.



In addition to supporting and promoting professional photographers, “Our goal is to provide information with respect to creativity and lasting value of professional photography. We are committed to excellence through continuing education.”

Our competitions, seminars, monthly speakers and workshops all strive to bring you just that. Join us and see!


SPPA takes 2nd Place for Website in PPA 2013 Affiliate Competition!

SPPA receives 2nd Place in PPA 2013 Affiliate Communications Competition for Web Site.

Click here to see a list of all winners.

2nd Place: Ken Lapp
Seattle Professional Photographers Association