Lights…….Camera…….SPPA membership provides the Action!

Lights…….Camera…….SPPA membership provides the Action

Or A mid-year resolution for making video content for your website using video testimonials.

We learned so much about social media at our meeting I don’t know where to start. Blogging, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, making a system for my studio emails and phone calls. My hair is going grey just stressing about what to do. After having a beer or was it six, I decided to start blogging. You know the more beer I drank the better the blog was ….. Until my wife started editing; so rule #1 no drinking when writing (just so you know I already had two beers while writing this :).  So anyway. One of the things I learned at Bruce Hudson’s presentation on video content creation was his focus on “what to sell our existing clients”.  This really resonated with me because I always try to shoot for a product to sell my clients, wall portraits, albums, gift prints,etc. His number one product he sells was the testimonial video to his commercial clients. He said it was a no brainer, an easy sell and everyone should have one on their website.

So, it’s SPPA membership time for a mid-year resolution – add video to your website! SPPA is no different. We need your help. The SPPA board will provide the wine (don’t worry it will be cheap) and cheese pizza (if we have the budget). You are going to learn to talk to the camera (harder than you think) about how SPPA rocks. SPPA will use this for its website. And you will be using a camera shooting some other member talking. If you wish bring your own camera and shoot some behind the scenes images and video (B-roll) (another idea we learned from Josh Hudson). We will have a “Photographic” background i.e. soft boxes, and tripods courtesy of Andrew Crain. Ann Hilling is bringing a killer chair. We will have some constant light sources and a couple of sound capturing devises to play with. Then you will sit and say a line or two about how cool SPPA is. If you don’t know why we are cool then just sit there and eat your pizza. That will make for some fun B-roll. Or come up with your own idea. Maybe a peak-a-boo with you behind a camera saying hi? Sorry I need more beer (wine for you snobs) to be more creative. This will be a fun event to try your hand at creating a video interview. Play with some microphones both wireless and on camera.

SPPA social media recap from Chapters Photography on Vimeo.

Tuesday June 9th, Polish Home, 1714 18th Ave. Seattle (Madison & 18th)
Meeting is free to SPPA members | $5 guests (gotta pay for the pizza, ya know!)

That’s a wrap. See you in a couple of weeks at the Polish Home. Parking is free.

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