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Genevieve Ruth

Genevieve R Gunderson
Genevieve Ruth Photography


Specializes in: glamour and boudoir photography

Genevieve Ruth is an award-winning portrait artist, specializing in glamour and boudoir photography.  Her passion began as a youth, who would photograph friends and family after styling their hair, makeup and attire.  She then moved into the modeling industry but found a better fit behind the camera.  After taking a job with a small newspaper, her primary role as Staff Photographer/Reporter soon turned to Layout Manager and finally Editor.  It was during this time that the first consumer-ready digital cameras made their debut.  Armed with a 1.2 megapixel square box, some floppy disks, and no formal instruction (digital photography would not be taught for another 5 years or so), Genevieve embraced the journey and her love of the photographic arts.  She can now be found on the Eastside, either ushering clients, models, or little ones into her Snoqualmie Ridge studio, or chasing them around town, against the beautiful backdrop of Mount Si.