Heather Michelle Bio

Heather Michelle Chinn was born with a paintbrush in hand. From early
on she would paint anything with any medium within reach from food to
nail polish. It was only natural that the transition be made from
organic painting to digital eleven years ago when she was inspired by a
Darton Drake painting in PEI magazine.

Over the last ten years Heather has painted full-time for photographers
all over the world in both digital and traditional mediums. A 2013 IPC
Platinum Artist, Corel Painter Master, Corel Training Partner, and PPA
Master Artist, Heather has been teaching Corel Painter at workshops,
seminars, and PPA affiliate schools all across the country for the last
six years. Her thorough and easy-to-follow Corel Painter tutorial DVDs
have received rave reviews worldwide. Heather’s work and interviews
have been featured in multiple Loan Collections, Showcase Collections,
French Photography Magazine, Ballistic Publishing, After Capture and
the Official Corel Painter Magazine. Heather’s new exclusive hand
painted Acrylics line can be seen at JonathanPenney.com.

For more information about workshops, commissions, and tutorials,
please visit HeatherThePainter.com

Heather is a member of ASP, PPA, PPSC and Portrait Society of America.

“Fellow Corel Painter Master Heather is wonderful artist and teacher.
I’ve had the pleasure of seeing Heather painting and teaching. I can
attest from first hand experience to her great combination of both
artistic and technical skills, plus energy and enthusiasm, all of which
makes her a great speaker and teacher. Heather is passionate about art
and people. She explores painting in the traditional as well as digital
world. She communicates clearly and is patient and encouraging of her
students. She knows Painter very deeply and is always open to learning
and growing – qualities that enhance what she has to offer as a
teacher. I highly recommend Heather as a platform speaker as well as a
Painter instructor.”

~ Jeremy Sutton