Holiday memories

With the advent of digital photography most images are edited and looked at once and then placed in a file folder on a hard drive or in the ‘cloud’ never to be seen again. Instant gratification yet somehow long forgotten.

Growing up in the 60’s and 70’s meant fun holiday times.  Photos were sent off to the local drugstore and you got all of them back, good or bad. (No option to just hit delete!) They certainly showed the family dynamic of the times and behind each photo was usually an interesting story.

Remember what it was like to be looking for one thing and then stumble instead upon these wonderful memories in a drawer or shoebox? I think you’ll agree that there is something emotional that happens when you find an image [even if it’s faded and scratchy] from an era gone by. Photos are ‘dated’ by the hairstyle and fashion of the day. No signs of photoshop!

Photos from yesterday seem to have physical value – they were never thrown away – good or bad. The photos may have had more meaning because cameras were usually brought out for special occasions and the photos actually cost something to produce.

My  point is, enjoy the season, enjoy your family and friends. Don’t let them get lost in the digital world even though it seems more permanent. Have a formal or lifestyle portrait done of your family by a professional.  You don’t know how many times I’ve heard,  if only we’d done this before grandma passed away.

Oh, look what I just found….It’s my mom and my uncle.  My uncle is gone and mom is the last of 8 kids. Imagine what our family would be missing had I not found this image….yet again! ~ gail ann,

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