Hudson’s Bio’s

Bruce Hudson

Master Photographer, Author, Teacher

Seattle area native Bruce Hudson has led a colorful life. As a professional musician and educator, he had the opportunity to play with such greats as Bob Hope and Seattle’s own Kenny G! In 1982 he left teaching and opened his first studio with his late wife Sue. Today as a nationally recognized professional photographer, he’s photographed presidents, governors, many celebrities and sports stars such as future Baseball Hall of Famers Randy Johnson ,Omar Vasquez, the late music legend Marvin Hamlish, Financial Guru Dave Ramsey,  and nighttime radio personality Delilah and her family.

More recently in 2006, Bruce’s son Josh joined the family business fulltime after opting out of attending law school. Ironically, Josh is doing exactly what his mom Sue did, managing the day to day operations at the studio and all of the marketing. Josh tries to keep his old man in line!

With over 1200 weddings under his belt and tens of thousands of family and high school senior portraits adorning the walls of all over the country, Bruce has had and continues to be the favorite photographer for many northwest families around the region. He is also routinely called upon to photograph clients all over the world, with sessions taking him to Tokyo, Japan, all over the United States, Hawaii, and the Caribbean.

In 1990 Bruce received the degree of Master Photographer from the Professional Photographers of America (PPA) and is one of only 40 active members in the prestigious Cameracraftsmen of America organization. He also earned the degree of Craftsman photographer from PPA, which makes him one of only a handful of Master Craftsman photographers in the state of Washington. As a much sought after speaker and educator to the professional photography world, Bruce has spoken on behalf of Fuji Film USA, H&H Color lab, Marathon Press,  as well as other industry leading vendors in 49 states, Canada, New Zealand, and Puerto Rico. Bruce also received the lifetime achievement award in 1996 from the Wedding and Portrait Photographers International organization and the PPA National Award in 2000. His more recent accolade was received in 2012 as we won the prestigious Helen Yancy Award at the PPA convention in New Orleans! This award is only given out every few years to individuals that have dedicated their life to the education of photography!

This is the 30th year for Hudson’s Portrait Design.  Bruce is not only a Master Photographer, but Master Marketer as well. He will share how to add IMPACT to your web presence with Video AND help you build your Business in 2013!


Josh Hudson Bio:

Josh Hudson, the son of 30 year internationally recognized photographer, educator, and Bruce Hudson.  Josh literally grew up around business and entrepreneurship. He was born in 1982 just 3 months after his Dad Bruce and his late Mom Sue Hudson started Hudson’s Photography just south of Seattle, WA. Some 15 years later before Sue passed away from cancer; together they created one of the most profitable photography businesses in the country. Later, Josh would follow in his mom’s footsteps and manage the business, but not willingly at first.

With a degree in Political Science from Washington State University Josh’s path was heading straight towards law school. During the interim from undergraduate school Josh worked at the studio. This interim job quickly turned into a passion for the photography business and he has since never left!

Now, Josh manages the day to day operations and the marketing at his family’s studio, Hudson’s Portrait Design. He was also instrumental in creating new, highly effective niche brands for the business, including the new Hudson’s Photo Workshops photography classes, which were actually sold at Costco’s all over Western Washington.

As a much sought after speaker, Josh has spoken to professional photographic groups in nearly all 50 states and Canada on behalf of industry leaders like H&H Color Lab, Marathon Press, Animoto, and many others. He is also a monthly columnist for, a frequent speaker at New York Times Best Selling Author Sarah Petty’s small business marketing web summits, and is co-founder of the education website Lastly, and maybe best known for, he’s created an educational DVD series called Facebook for Photographers, which has sold thousands of copies all over the world!

2 years ago Josh started a social media management and marketing consulting business called Hudson Solutions, which caters to the needs of small to medium sized businesses in all industries! A father of 3, & husband, Josh stays pretty busy with all of his endeavors! His passion for helping business leaders navigate the confusing and ever-changing realm of social media marketing comes through during every one of his exciting programs!

The Hudson Team