SPPA Awards and Merit System

SPPA awardsThe Merit system was designed to recognize and reward members for participation and excellence in three divisions – service, education and print competition.

  • Service merits are earned through participation on the board, committees, and speaking.
  • Educational events are awarded merits, applied toward the AFP/FP degree, and credit hours, which are applied toward a Certificate of Achievement and the Fellow of Photographic and Business Practices. Credits have been pre-determined. (See list below) For events not covered, the Education VP will assign credit hours with the help of a merit committee.
  • Members have the opportunity to earn Print merits throughout the year: Annual Print Competition in February, monthly print competitions (minimums required).

We feel these degrees can be attained within a reasonable amount of time. The AFP could be reached within a couple of years depending on how active the member is. The FP Degree can be somewhat illusive only because it is heavy on print merits and service! The Fellow of Photographic and Business Practices will take at least 5 years to achieve.

The Certificate of Achievement encourages members to continue their education. This acknowledges those who regularly attend and participate in local, state and national seminars and encourages continued growth through our association.

Each member is responsible for tracking their merits and turning in their merit sheets to be recorded. It is also the members’ responsibility to sign the attendance list at each function to receive their merits. Membership merits accrue from January 1 to December 31 of each year for degrees. All degrees will be presented when earned. If you have any questions as to where you stand, please contact Gail Ann.

Degrees – Revised 2/04

  • Associate Fellow of Photography (AFP) 25 merits Any combination of service, print or education merits; awarded as earned.
  • Fellow of Photography (FP) 50 Merits FP must include at least 25 print merits and 15 service merits; awarded as earned.
  • Gold Star Awards Gold Star Awards aren’t degrees, but after completion of the Fellow of Photography degree, for every additional 25 merits earned after 50, a gold star is awarded and may be attached to the fellow ribbon.
  • Certificate of Achievement in Photographic and Business Practices 125 credit hours, earned through educational seminars on the local, state and national level. These credit hours are applied toward the FPB; awarded as earned.
  • Fellow of Photographic and Business Practices (FPB) 300 credit hours earned thru local, state and national seminar attendance; awarded as earned.

Each member is required to turn in a merit sheet at the end of the year in order to receive due credit.


Life members Include: Joyce Meyers, Frank Munson, Gene Harmon, Lucille Mason, Michael McAndrews, Eric Droz, Ed Johanson, Mike Elwell, Craig Brubaker, Mike Helmuth,  and Gail Ann Wodzin. Joanne and Jay Murray were inducted in April, 2011.

Fellow Of Photography recipients include: Eric Droz

Associate Fellow of Photography AFP include: Mike Helmuth, Robert Crandall, Mike Elwell, Craig Brubaker, Gail Ann, Rick Varsafsky Susan Marsidi and Julie Hanich. 2008 inductees include Mike Penney and Chris Sollart. 2009 Nancy Treder. 2010 rewarded Russ Lorne. 2011 inductees are: Steve Buck and Ken Lapp.

Fellow of Photographic and Business Practices FPB recipients include:Judy HornAndrew Crain and Lynne McDonough. 2011: Nancy Treder.

Certificate of Achievement in Photographic and Business Practices recipients include: Gail Ann, Bob Crandall, Kim Wise, Rick Varsafsky,Andrew CrainSusan MarsidiNancy Treder.

You too, could be wearing ‘dingelberries’! Attend, Participate, Learn and Earn!

2011 Volunteer of the Year goes to Leon Barber.
Leon arrived early and took over our Membership chair on a temporary basis.
You might say he served as our SPPA ‘bouncer’! Thank you Leon for a job well done.