SPPA Monthly Print Competition Rules


SPPA Monthly Competition  Open to SPPA members ONLY.  You must be a member in good standing to participate.  Only Active Memberships can earn the Photographer of the Year Award or Award of Excellence in each of the competition categories.

Categories (Four):
–  Collage (Three or more single images, of one or more non-wedding portrait images, in one frame or collage or folio or book/album)
–  Portrait (a single image of one or more people framed or unframed)
–  Open (Commercial/Landscape/Nature – an image or Collage classified as pets, commercial, industrial or unclassified)
–  Wedding (all wedding images –  portrait, collage, folio or albums)

Entries:  Each member may enter UP TO FOUR (4) entries per competition.  Contestants may enter up to two pieces in one category. Entries accepted at the door upon arrival of the meeting or event.  Any late entry must be approved by a board member.

Each category must have at least (3) three entries to be open for competition.  If any category does not have (3) three or more entries or that category will be closed for competition that quarter.  (Please note: it is suggested that competitors bring more than four pieces per month in such instances so that you are prepared to submit a backup image in another category.

Prints may be any shape and size mounted, framed, or presented via laptop. If presenting digital entries, the contestants must provide their own monitor for each entry. (Please note that if you are entering four digital images you need to present them on four different digital displays (labtop, ipad, digital frame, cell phone etc., and at your own risk)

A digital reference file must be submitted with each print entry.  This file must match the submitted print entry.  Contestants can only submit entries that they have captured and created the original exposure. (Images created in a class or workshop are not eligible for the competition unless the maker was entirely in control of lighting, composition, posing during the image making process.)  Contestants grant SPPA a limited use license which allows SPPA to post the image(s) on the SPPA websites and use the image in SPPA marketing materials, and SPPA agrees to give credit to the photographer for any images used.

SPPA Monthly Print Awards

Monthly Ribbons:  A first, second and third place ribbon will be given in each of four categories at each competition. Winning entries will be displayed on the website and included in the annual competition magazine (if and only if the digital file is provided to the competition organizer)SPPA Monthly Print Awards

Photographer of the Year Annual Award:  following requirements must be met for eligibility:

– Contestant must participate in all competitions (any category) during the year.
– Contestant must compete and ribbon in three of four categories.
– Contestant must have at least one entry in the SPPA Annual Photography Competition.
– Contestant must be an SPPA active member in good standing.

The photographer with the highest cumulative score in all categories will receive the Photographer of the Year Award.  The Photographer of the Year will not be considered eligible for the Awards of Excellence.

Award of Excellence Annual Award: following requirements must be met for eligibility.
– Contestant must participate in the category at each competition
– Contestant must ribbon in at least three of the four competitions
– Contestant must be an SPPA active member in good standing

Voting will be open to all attendees during the competition.  Voters must fill in all three places (1st, 2nd, 3rd) in any category that they choose to vote in.  Voters must fill in all three places (1st, 2nd, 3rd) in all categories or your vote does not count.  Criteria is “best “ image in the viewer’s opinion that may or may not consider the PPA standard 12 rules of judging.

For any questions, comments or suggestions to improve the competition, please contact Barbara Roser, Barbararoser@msn.com