Why Join Seattle Professional Photographers Association?

1. SPPA is an affiliate of the International Professional Photographers Association and abides by all affiliate guidelines.

2. A free one-year subscription to myphotoapp.com with every membership paid in full, or with the semi-annual payment plan.  For quarterly and monthly subscribers, you can choose to purchase the app for only $75.00 (a $199.00 Value!).

3. Annually, SPPA sponsors a PPA affiliate competition – with PPA qualified judges – open to all professional photographers.

4. Your membership dues allow you to attend our monthly meetings – 12 a year!  We have a different speaker/presenter at each meeting, covering a variety of topics.  A total of 12 learning opportunities every year!

5. Our active members can participate in road shows and shoot-outs designed to let members share their specialty with other members.

6. Throughout the year we may schedule extra posing workshops for seniors, weddings and event Santa!

7. Active members can participate in our monthly print competitions and earn the title of SPPA Photographer of the Year!

8. Invitation to attend our annual holiday party and awards dinner, and summer picnic.

In addition to supporting and promoting professional photographers, “our goal is to provide information with respect to creativity and lasting value of professional photography. We are committed to excellence through continuing education.”

Our competitions, seminars, monthly speakers and workshops all strive to bring you just that. Join us and see!

More Questions You Might Want To Ask

Who is on the Seattle PPA Board of Directors
The Board of Directors is made up of professional photographers who have been elected by the members. They are all volunteers. For more information, check out the Board of Directors page.

Do I need to own any particular photographic equipment?
No. However, the SEATTLE PPA is a wonderful networking resource to discover and research the best equipment on the market…or to buy gently used equipment for sale by members. With all the photographers who attend our monthly meetings, plus our classified ads and yearly member equipment sale, we are confident you will always be able to find someone to give you advice to select the right equipment.

Does the Seattle PPA have any back-up photographers to replace an ill or injured photographer?
SPPA members have a support network to call on to help each other out in an emergency. A sick or injured photographer can send an e-mail to the SPPA member administrator, or Membership VP, who can then forward the e-mail to over 100 members, usually within 24 hours.

Do I need to have a business location in order to join?
No. In fact, many of our members work out of their homes.

How quickly can I get involved on a committee?
The Seattle PPA is always looking for members who would like to volunteer a few hours a month of their time helping the Seattle PPA become a better organization. We have a variety of committees that would love to have the extra support.

What if I want to become a board member?
The by-laws of SPPA clearly outline member status qualifications. To be a board member you must have complied with all of the ACTIVE member requirements for a least one year.

What if I have more questions?
Simply contact our current Membership Committee Chairperson, who will be more than happy to answer all of your questions.